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For many developers, Flurry Analytics is a trusted go-to service for tracking usage patterns in mobile apps. Flurry offers powerful anonymous statistics that help developers connect with their audience and improve their applications. The service includes a tremendous website for reviewing this data from a desktop computer. But what if one wants to browse analytics from a mobile device?

Flutter, for iOS, is a dashboard that does just that. It's built for the application developer or marketing expert who wants to keep track of their Flurry Analytics on the go. Flutter includes totals for active users, new users & sessions along with graphs that showcase trends over time. Custom events are supported as well as multiple companies. Flutter even caches data for offline use.

Works as advertised. I was up and going in less than a minute.


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If you're not already using Flurry Analytics in your applications, click here for a good article detailing how easy it is to get started.

If you already have Flurry Analytics integrated into one or more of your applications download Flutter, then log into the Flurry website as an admin (being an admin is required). If you have not already done so, tap the "Enable API Access" button near the bottom of the page. Add the API Access Code that pertains to your company's account to Flutter's "Manage Companies" screen. Now you're ready to keep track of application usage trends from an iOS device!

Interested in seeing Flutter in action? Click here for a demo.

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