Privacy Policy - MetaGamer

MetaGamer utilizes Apple's CloudKit service to persist user profiles to the cloud. Specifically, data is saved to the public CloudKit database that's assigned to the MetaGamer application. Only you and application administrators (Durbinware) have permissions to edit or delete your content. Read permissions are governed by the MetaGamer app itself and are under your control as described below.

Exposing your profile data to other MetaGamer users can be accomplished in two ways.

  1. Detect GamersTap Detect Gamers to broadcast your profile and listen for nearby users via bluetooth. If detecting is enabled and another MetaGamer user (who also has detecting enabled) comes within approximately 60 feet, then you will automatically exchange profiles. If you don't want to share your profile in this manner then don't enable this feature.
  2. Import GamersTap "Import Gamers" to see if any of your friends also use MetaGamer. If found, you will be given the opportunity to import their gamer profiles. This import process relies on Apple's CloudKit discovery features (your friends must have used MetaGamer and their Apple ID must be present in your contacts). Once you've opted to use CloudKit discovery for MetaGamer, other users will also be able to import your profile via the same discovery mechanism. To disable the app from exposing your profile in this manner, go to iCloud -> iCloud Drive -> Look Me Up By Email in your device's Settings app and then deactivate the MetaGamer switch.

Please note that Durbinware is not responsible for the content users choose to share nor the consequences of their content. We strongly encourage you to make smart choices and not post any personally identifiable information (phone, address, etc). Durbinware reserves the right to put a lock on profiles that engage in harassment of any kind.

MetaGamer anonymously measures usage trends. These metrics are used to prioritize future enhancements.

Durbinware will not purposefully share or sell identifiable user data.